Sub-D Bridge Grasshopper component

Any chance there is a Sub-D Bridge Grasshopper component ready or almost ready to be released soon?? Could be very helpful in a current project.


Hi -

No. I filed your feature request as RH-57092.

How should it work?

Maybe like this?

Hi - that’s the way it works in Rhino (more or less). The question is how it should work in Grasshopper.

I guess there should be two inputs where you can connect two lists of faces and one output with bridges between each pair of faces. Similar to line from two points component.

There could be some extra features like “add handle” tool in TopMod.

In Rhino you bridge between edges. And there are the following settings:

The aim of this thread is not to add new features to the way it works in Rhino but to discuss how the features that are in Rhino should be implemented in Grasshopper. You are welcome to wish for new features in a new thread in the Serengety category.

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The case I was thinking about is like this.

I have two concentric subD’s with hole edges. I want to be able to bridge between the two matching lists of edges.


And which edges match up depends just on closest pairs? I.e. find the two closest edges and bridge them, then find the next closest pair, repeat until no edges are left? Or is the order of edges in both shapes to be used? Or do you want to specify them through some sort of input?


For this example, it was just scaling a copy of the surface to the inside and then bridging straight down the lists of matching openings to arrive at a shell solid. 0-0 1-1 … Seems relatively straightforward. and it works “manually”.

matching closest pairs sounds unpredictable, but interesting.

thanks again

Ok… So it could looke like this:
A - list of edges to start bridge
B - list of edges to end bridge
S - segments (integer)
J - join (boolean)
C - crease (boolean)
St - straightness from 0 to 100

Order of edges in both shapes should be used as default, and there could be ‘closest pair’ option, by right click or some input.


Hi -

You’ll have to let the developer of Clayoo know about your feature request. You might want to create a new topic in the Plug Ins > Clayoo category.