Stuck in a loop during "extract connected mesh-faces" command

Just wanted to extract some mesh-faces and somehow instead of typing an angle this field became empty and now Rhino is popping up a message that I should type in a number, but I cannot type anything as it pop-ups all the time making any typing disabled, I cannot do anything now, neither save my work nor click this pop-up away! Pretty annoying, please see the attached screenshot.
Any idea how to deal with this, other than killing the Rhino task?



It says in the statusbar the last file save was 11 minutes ago, so I’d kill the instance via taskmanager and re-open it.

Is that an option?


I did it exactly as suggested, but a pity that something like that may still happen. Someone should have a look at that!

@rajaa, is this your department ? I´ve been running into the same issue recently and would like to vote for making all the mesh related commands cancelable with ESC.


I filed a bug for it and @tim will be able to tell what is going on:

Hi Lubanski,

I believe you when you say you get into an endless loop, in fact I sort of recall working on this in the past. But, I couldn’t get it to occur using the latest build of V5. I thought to myself maybe you’re using an older V5. Then I tested it in V4 and couldn’t get it to happen. I asked Pascal to try it and he couldn’t get it to happen either. So I guess I need a simple model and step by step instructions to get me into the condition you’re seeing.


Hi Clement,

I also wasn’t able to repeat the not being able to escape but either. Pascal tried too. I will say that I didn’t try every mesh modification command and I also didn’t try it in the WIP where all/most of those commands were rewritten in dotnet so they’d work on the Mac platform. So specific commands you’re having trouble with would be good and, if you weren’t using the WIP, try it there since it’s very unlikely at this point that there will be any more service releases for V5.



for the command _ExtractConnectedMeshFaces , it is easy to repeat if the mesh is large enough and you start lowering the angle tolerance value a few times. This seems to happen mostly if multiple mesh faces where selected after the “Select Faces” button has been used. The time it takes to update the dynamic selection display seems to double with every change of the value until Rhino falls in the endless loop.

Other commands which cannot be canceled are _OffsetMesh and _AlignMeshVertices. I am sure there are much more…


I see, so you actually mean cancel threads so you can bail out of calculations when you’re working on giant stuff, not bailing out of the command so to speak. Yeah I imagine most of those commands don’t have that ability. I’ll add that as a feature request in the WIP.

Hi @tim,

no i meant canceling the command with ESC if i see that after 10 minutes Rhino’s title bar is switching between “not responding” and the normal state. This is the endless loop the OP is talking about.

For the commands _OffsetMesh and _AlignMesVertices the “not responding” message does not appear while they are running. But i would like to cancel them too with ESC while they are calculating.