Structuring list to group vertex coordinates by face

Is there a way to group the vertexes (3 dimension points) of a brep face as derived from The Brep Edges command as I was attempting in the attached file. As a beginner, I may be a bit maladjusted to the way lists work. I’d like the first tier of the list to be the face and the second tier of the list to be the collection of coordinate points that make up the vertices of that face. Different faces, of course, have different point counts. Any help is greatly appreciated. Understanding the nature of what is being listed when it says, for example, “n = 3” is a bit challenging at present. Is it listing a vector, a coordinate point, an item index? It would be great if I could have a window into the nature of this “n”. Wish I understood the way lists behave a bit better. If there is a good authoritative source for the organization of lists in grasshopper, I probably should go back and review it.

Aligning Normals Exercise - establishing vertices list for each (14.2 KB)

This looks very helpful. I’ll take a look at its details soon. Thank you.


Aligning (18.1 KB)

The Disc (Discontinuities) in the text panel are the vertices for each face, one face per branch.

Hi Joseph. That is very helpful. Pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I can’t help but notice, your image also shows all the normals facing out. Not sure how you did that. The attached illustration shows what I am ultimately shooting for and to accomplish this the aligned normals will be critical to calculating correct dihedral angles. I have another thread going on this separate topic but I noticed you have been active in the past on similar questions. Thanks again for your help.

I think you can plainly see how I did that. I don’t understand your question. Why start a new thread if I have to read the old one first?

Hi Joseph. Yes! I can see how you did that! I think the attached grasshopper file was not identical to your image. After I reintroduced your Evalsrf feature it works great. I guess the vector node I was using isn’t suppose to necessarily show the surface normal in the accurate orientation. Not trying to send you on a wild goose chase telling you about the other thread. Your help on this thread is just fine. I have a lot of wants and needs and you have helped with this one. Thank you.

i tried some thing

Aligning Normals Exercise - establishing vertices list for each (19.7 KB)

Hi Joseph.

I see you spent some time in this neck of the woods (Santa Rosa). I was working next to Howarth Park a few years back. Thanks again for your help.