Structural Strenght

Hi everyone,

Which parameters can be used to compare the strength of lattice structures in Karamba 3D? How can I show the mean displacement and mean utilization values of my models?



Myself and a few others did reply to you, but you simply didn’t like the answers.

In my case I suggested you talk to a structural engineer. I think the people from Karamba also said something along those lines.

The main problem is that you are reducing a very complex problem into an over simplification that is invalid.

Furthermore it seems to me that what you understand by strength is not what is defined as strength in a structural engineering framework.

Lastly the question is misplaced in a forum that is about the use of a modelling tool, not about engineering.

I’m sorry, but you are definitely right. I can’t take something into account since I am in a rush. Anyway, I solved this problem. However, I still have another problem with connecting the lattice chunks of my structures. I intend to screw together the four lattice structures from edge midpoints with nut and screw. You suggested me to extract edge curves of chunks, but, I couldn’t and don’t know how to do? I need your help one more time.
anticlastic partition[sample].gh (9.9 MB)