Karamba Utilization

Hi everyone,

I conducted a FEA on my lattice structure via Karamba. When I investigated the results, I found a problem with the utilization of my structure. I don’t know the exact meaning of the numbers, but I believe there must be a problem. The utilization value of my structure is about 652 %. What is the meaning of it? How can I reduce that value? Is there a problem in my structure? Can you help me, please?

Thanks in advance

karamba results.gh (303.2 KB)

Hi, there are many external plugins in your script. If you are able to internalise the geometry we would be able to help you. Typically a utilisation of 100% or above means that the structure is overutilised and will fail.

Sure, Matthew, but If I internalize my whole model, I think you can’t identify the problem where it is because I used the Crystallon plugin to combine multiple lattices in one structure. I think the problem can be here. I can internalize other parts of my definition; you better check it using the Crystallon plugin.

Thanks in advance

karamba results.gh (299.1 KB)

Hi Matthew @matttam,

Could you investigate my model? I need your help.


It seems to be correct. Concrete generally is very weak in tension and therefore reinforcement is required. The results show that parts of the structure is under tension and therefore very overutilised.

Is there any simple way to reduce the utilization?

there are several ways: changing the cross section or materials will help, also optimising for compression only elements

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