Structural analysis to work together with AXOLOTL

Hi forum!

I’m working with the Axolotl plugin creating some lattices, but I also want to analyze the structure of my geometry.

I’m trying millipede but there’s some heavy computing and not quite sure if it’s the one for the job. There’s any other plugin that I can use to work with Axolotl?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi Leonardo,
I wasn’t actively watching this forum for questions on Axolotl so far, sorry for the late reply. You may have found an answer to your question already.
Do you mean by “analyze the structure” a finite element analysis of the structural performance (e.g. stiffness) under some boundary conditions? What I do for this is export a mesh (isosurface) generated with Axolotl as an *.OBJ file, then use wildmeshing to create tetrahedra, save them as *.msh and do the analysis in Abaqus. For the tet-meshing part, there is also Tetra (and others) to do it in Grasshopper directly.
Good luck with your projects and all the best,