String comparison problem

Hi all,

I’ve run into a issue in comparing strings. As you can see below, comparing or finding member index don’t give me correct results.

These texts are extracted from Excel data I’m using, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to get right results in “Member Index”.
Please check the attached Grasshopper file for you to look at.
Thank you!

Dongyeopstring (11.0 KB)

Can I get any clues how I can go around this issue? I’m basically trying to get the index of matching item from a given set. If there’s another way to do so, that would be great!

you have an extra hidden character at the end of many of the strings in the second set. I’d recommend using Find Similar Member rather than member index - or alternately trim your strings before processing.

Thank you Andrew!! You saved me again. I had no idea about hidden characters. How can I know if there’re hidden characters, when they’re not shown in the panel component?

I used the “Characters” component to separate each character into its own string

Oh I see. Now I can seem them. Thanks a lot!