Grasshopper Excel reading

Hei All,

I would be thankful if i can get help in these 2 problems
First, why I’m getting -1 value if even though the item exists in list?
Second, how can we read excel file by picking row and column number of where the item exists.


Use text match and dispatch. Also member index tends to work better that item index

It is not working!!!

Share the file. Internalize the text rather than sending the excel file please (28.2 KB)

You didnt internalise the text so I cant read it :man_facepalming: (29.3 KB)

now it is internalized. Sorri !

Yeah its still not internalised. You need to plug the output of the excel reader into a text container and internalise the text in that container. All you’ve done here is internalise the file path (28.8 KB)

sorry bro, i did internalize both excel columns and rows.

Your excel strings have spaces after them. See the text length for M16 is 4 rather than 3. If you add a space after the M16 then it works:

Alternatively add an asterisk to search for anything which starts with M16:

Or even better, use trim to remove whitespace characters from the ends of your strings:

Thanks a lot, but is asterisk, is it a tool or what ? i wasnt able to find the component

asterisk = *

as in search for M16* will give a true value for any string which starts with M16

sorri i dont understand

sorri now i got u

In the text match component, I’m matching against the string ‘M16*’. If you do that it will give a true output for every string which starts with M16, regardless of what follows.

I cant really make it any clearer that that TBH.