Stream filter does not work with multiple indices even grafted

Hi, I need to use “Stream Filter” component in GH to filter two series of information. I am wondering if there is any solution to make “stream filter” to work with multiple indices. I can graft the indices but unfortunately it does not work. Hopefully It makes sense what I write here. I use Rhino 5, GH0.9. An example is (2.8 KB)

Upload your file. Internalized.

Noone knows what have you plugged in the inputs by merely looking at the picture

Thx- I uploaded an example.

Not stream filter, use Dispatch or Sift Pattern instead.

Hello guys,

I’m having the same issue, I want to be able to easily select (with check menu) one or many inputs to further let them pass through the gate.

Is it possible to implement that function to Streamgate filter ?