Stream Filter for Trees and branches?

Hello All,
I have a question that might be silly, I am kind of a beginner. When I want to choose between different inputs I know I can use the Stream filter and define which input to use by setting the index in the gate.
In my case I am getting a tree for the gate and I actually want to keep it as branches because I have 3 objects and I want each object to have a different curve as an input. I can’t flatten any part of the definition or make fix list item solutions because I can’t define the number of copies nor which index will come.
In the example give, you do have only 3 objects and 3 gate indices but not in my case. I know there is no Stream Filter fro branches but probably there is a way around it

This is what I am getting:

But this is what I want:

I know is not possible to input a tree into the stream filter and that is why I get the error and also because is only reading the first branch value

IMO, what you need is List Itemor maybe possibly Pick’n’Choose,not Stream Filter. (13.0 KB)

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OMG you are totally right!. It was right there! Thank you!