Filter component with multiple inputs

Hi, too many questions, sorry

I am realy stuck with the use of the stream filter.
I created a user object where if the input is null I want it to be replaced with a default value. Everything works fine for single values but once I input a list I get the message “can only operate on a single Filter index value”
I would expect for it to be able to do the same operation with lists. Is there an equivalent component for lists? or am I not understanding something?

How could I work around this?

Multiple (15.1 KB)

You want something like this?

I wanted for a long time to tell you I admire your skills a lot!

now, about the problem:
indeed, this solves the specific problem, but it is only an example. In many cases I find myself wanting to feed a different list to a component depending on a specific condition.
In a definition I am working now, I want to feed two different sets of length parameters to a series of curves, depending on their distance from the ground. (evens get one set, odds get a different set)
essentially I want a stream filter that works with lists as conditions.

I had the same problem and did some specific little C#. But it works surely just on specific cases.
There must be an example here.

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It is becoming more and more obvious that a transition to coding is inevitable… :frowning:
(don’t tell Peter Fotiadis I said that) :slight_smile:

I am not like Peter, No dark Side, No White Side. I think the 2 ways are useful. For example for the Morpheus replication I did a quite pure GH script for 1 problem and a complete C# for the windows.
Mixing the 2 is the best for me. Sometimes I handle more easily DataTree in C#. Knowing Rhinocommon is useful, it is one of the power of Rhino the 2nd is Grasshopper.


There must be an example here.

I just went through this more thoroughly…
talking with you guys is very a very humbling experience!!!

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Thanks for the comment but I didn’t find the C# component :persevere: it must be elsewhere, hard to seek throught more than 2000 scripts !

The biggest struggle of a GH user :smiley:

Maybe I can still help others with this kind of problem: I had similar issues with the Stream Filter not working with multiple index values. We spotted a post by David suggesting the “Weave” component which solved it.

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