Strange draw-issues, deleted objects and dragging blocks

Hi guys, I just deleted some curves, but when zooming out they suddenly appear as selected… but they are not there:

And when dragging or copying a block with a transparent hatch I suddenly am shown the “mouse trail”. These yellow ghost lines disappear once I click something else.

Hi Jorgen - I am not seeing either, here, so far - is this behavior consistent?


I just fixed this last night for the next SR8 release candidate. This has to do with transparent objects in the block.

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Thanks, it’s the first time I try it out in a block, so that’s great timing :slight_smile:

@Steve is the hatch edit in block also related to this?

I have an issue where I can not set the scale nor the rotation of a “Single” hatch, the options are grayed out. So I have to swap to “Solid” to set them and then go back to “Single”.

Or make the hatch outside the block and then add the object to the hatch later.

This poor Steve guy must really hate having taken that username :slight_smile:

The fix I made was purely for displaying of objects in a block and have nothing to do with the hatch editing dialog. I’ll have to pass this on to @Trav to see if he knows about what you are reporting.

That is weird - there must be a mixup because Solid is not at the top of the pile, perhaps - Here, Solid is always first - (but I have not imported any - I’ll try that) - and that is the one for which rotation is, correctly, grayed out. But maybe we should just leave it available all the time and not worry that it does nothing for solid hatches.


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@Holo @pascal I fixed this bug about 3 weeks ago. It was as Pascal describes, the first hatch in the list thinks its the solid and its not. This should be fixed in 7.8.


:joy: MY BAD! Sorry Steve!
And thanks for the help, glad you found the post.

You are right, it is the first hatch, I thought I had done it outside a block, but then I used Hatch1 which I normally use.

Can you check this out too please?

If I make a hatch and adjust the rotation to 45 and type quickly and hit Enter then the rotation is not registered, I have to wait for the realtime update to happen before I hit Enter for the changes to be registered.

At first I didn’t see it as I was looking in the hatch properties editor. But I do see it if I’m in the hatch creation dialog. This is likely due to the Enter key closing the hatch window before the numeric steppers “update when complete” triggers. I’ll see if I can tune this up, thanks.

Edit… fixed it! Thanks, I’ll make a YT issue and commit this for the next service release.

Edit… Edit…lol

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Wow, already? You guys are rock’n’roll!

Ah, sorry for not specifying that, glad you found it.

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