Straight line from an average of points

I doubt whether this exists but I’ll ask anyway. I’m trying to make straight lines from series of points that are almost in a line but not. Almost like the way “PlanThroughPt” makes an average of the points to decide on the placement of the plane except I want to make a straight line instead of a plane. The reason for this is that I use my digitising arm to digitise a supposedly straight line (that mostly don’t line up with my Cplanes). I’ll generally digitise say 4 points for the line (ends plus 2 more) and yes I could just do 2 points to guarantee a straight line but it’s generally considered good practice to digitise about 4 points along a straight line. I always leave my digitising layer as digitised (to preserve its integrity regardless of what happens) and do my workings on one or more layers. At present I just eyeball it (fudge it) by placing a straight line using the 2 end points of my digitised lines and then adjust it one way or the other until it looks about right (more or less) but it would be good if there were a better way. Temp.3dm (24.4 KB)

hi Phil, hows it shining in downunder :slight_smile: didnt see you in a while, sorry did not get to reply on your email anymore didnt seem urgent :slight_smile: for your problem simply use LineThroughPt after you selected all the involved points that will give you an average straight line.

Hi Richard and thanks for your reply. This is one of those “I feel stupid” moments. Before posting I did a search in Google and another search here and decided that no one else had come across the same problem or needed the same thing and it turns out all I had to do was investigate the command list again…
Re here in Oz, yes it was a hot day here today and in fact the first hot day since our winter (July/August) and taking into account that our September is the equivalent of your March.
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