Average Point Curve

I have input draft mark points into rhino and would like to add a line of best fit (an average curve of all the points). I do not want it to automatically go through the end points, but instead should be an average off all input points. How do I do this?

Curve through points and InterCurv either go through each individual point, or only average the inner points while going through the end points exactly.

Hello- use LineThroughPt for this.


I am looking to achieve a polynomial line of best fit, LineThroughPt does not do this

are we talking about a line - straight connection between 2 points - or a freeform curve ?
maybe also check
and it s options.
but not sure if the underlaying algorithm is a “polynomial best fit”

kind regards -tom

I need a free form curve (not straight line) to fit a curve through 8 different location points. This curve should be a line of best fit, the same way that excel inputs a trend line into a graph (which does not necessarily cut through the end points also)

Hi @C_Coll,

Can you provide a sample file, with points and some curve you’re expecting?


– Dale