Straight cut off from a curve

Dear all,

I am trying to create facade with fins pivoted at the center of the fins, I also have a corten panel behind the fins. What I wanted to do is that I wanted to cut the blades to show the corten panel behind. I didnt not want to cut the fins at an angle ( using the boolean function) for obvious manufacturing reason. Wanted them to be cut straight at an offset from the corten edge. See attached photo.


I am hoping to get some wisdom of the community how I can do this in grasshopper. I am not a newbie in grasshopper so I am able to understand the algorithmic steps to perform certain things in grasshopper. if you can advice me the steps I should be able to code it.

Any suggestion is much appreciated.


upload the file you’re using.


You could take the two Corten edge curves and project them (in the X direction or whatever direction it is) to the fins. Then use the highest point on the projected top curve, and the lowest point on the projected base curve to trim your solid with horizontal planes.