Stone rendering in v3 cdn embedded code

Struggling with rendering stone with v3

I just want to know what is the corresponding method in the v3 version of the updatePersistentAsync() v2 function.

Hey @Muhammad_waleed_akht,

here is an example on how to do this. When you assign the updateCallback it is executed whenever this node has been updated. So basically you reassign the gem material, whenever the GH definition has updated the node.

Cheers, Michael

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Thanks for the previous help.
Can you tell me how to update the metal definitions like for the ring??

Hello @Muhammad_waleed_akht,

sure thing, you can either directly edit the output definition like this: content update - CodeSandbox
By setting the freeze property to true all future updates will be ignored.

You can also do it similarly to the previous apporach by creating new material objects and assigning them like this: Materials

I hope this helps.

Cheers, Michael