Map property for stone rendering

In version 2 I was using environmenttexture property to map the stone but in version 3 it’s not working.
Is this some other property in v3 and how to load the image in stone rendering for texture?

Hello @Muhammad_waleed_akht,

unfortunately, this property is not available yet. We are currently working on it and will let you know once it is available!

Cheers, Michael

Ok, Thanks

@Muhammad_waleed_akht just an update on this, I will deploy a version with this next week. I’ll write you again once it is out!

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Thanks @MajorMeerkatThe3rd

Hello @Muhammad_waleed_akht
this works now in the latest viewer version (2.5.0 ) of shapediver, here is an example: gemstones (simple) - envMap change - CodeSandbox
Cheers, Michael