Changing different copied blocks color

im struggling to figure out the solution to this. i created one round stone using grasshopper gold. then i copied the stone. then i set the rendering color to an emerald green. then i wanted to set the copied stone to a blue. i moved the copied stone to break history but when i change one they both change color. if i explode then rejoin the copied one i can do this but it breaks whatever grasshopper gold remembers and the prong making to doesnt work on the stone that i exploded and rejoined. im sure there is a simple solution to this and i have searched online but i have not had any luck. any suggestions would be much appreciated. thank you in advanced.
green test.3dm (1.4 MB)

Hello- I think what you want is to BlockEdit and set the material to By Parent, then assign the instance to a layer with rthe material you like, or assign a material directly.


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that didnt work they are both changing colors and following each other

also how do you delete one of these material on this list? i tried to right click and i assumed there would be a delete but there was


stone color.3dm (1.6 MB)
heres the 3dm also

Hello- do the objects in this file behave the way you want?
GemBlocksMaybe.3dm (440.9 KB)


is there a video on youtube on how you did this? should they look the same in presentation mode also?

Hello - can you tell me if this is the way you want them to behave? If so, go back to my first post above, that is all I did.


no they are still all changing when i change one

Hello- I guess I am missing the problem then - if you select one of the stones in my file and assign a diffferent material to it, does any other stone change?
If you want to change display color and not material, then do exactly the same thing with BlockEdit but change display color and not material to ‘By parent’.

ugh very confusing. im gonna need to find an online class on rendering

Hello- please run BlockEdit on one of your gems. When in BlockEdit, select the gem, and in Properties go to the Material page and take a screen shot of that page, and copy/paste it here.


here it is, its strange that it renders one color in raytraced and another color in presentation

Hello please set the material assignment to ‘By parent’


after trying and trying i figured it out. here is the method i needed to use to get what i wanted. i guess add different materials to blocks is a whole other monster. but this works for me.