Stolen laptop

Hi, My laptop was stolen and I had the student version of Rhino 5 on it. I am still in need of that program and I do not know how to transfer the license to my desktop.
Please Help!!!
Finals are coming!

Well, I would report this to, perhaps they can get you a replacement license key and invalidate the old one. I say perhaps, because I’m not actually sure if this can be done in this case.

I still have my license. it’s in my email. Is there anyway I could just transfer it?
If not how long does it take fo rthat to take place?

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Well in the short term, how are you managing the license, you’re not using the Zoo? You can just use the key on the desktop, you can have it on both just not use it at the same time. Until you talk to McNeel as mentioned to see if you can get a replacement key. It’s unlikely whoever stole it is going to care, unless they can access your email they’ll have no way of finding out your key to actually do anything other than use it on your laptop, they’ll probably just wipe the drive anyway, so…yeah not sure if there’s much to do really?