Stochastic pattern without Grasshopper?

I am trying to find a way to do a stochastic pattern without using Grasshopper in any way. Does anybody have a solution for this, using Rhino on Mac?

Do you have an image what you are after?

I tied to use a voronoi pattern and put my objects in the middle of every pattern. But as you see. Some dots get very close to each other. I basically want dots placed on a square with a distance between them, not differing too much as in the image.

If I had one to do, I would do it by hand. But if you want to get random pattern with attractor points or have many to do, Grasshopper is going to be the way I believe. Not much help :expressionless:

If you want the dot for each coloured segment in the centre, then Area Centroid would do that.

I’m pretty sure that a Voronoi diagram would be considered a deterministic pattern. Stochastic systems use random variables (such as reaction diffusion and certain cellular automata). If Rhino Mac has a Python editor (which it does on PC), this might be an approach to implement such pattern generating systems.

Rhino for Mac can run Python scripts, it just has to be done through the Atom Editor. Developer doc here.

You could also try this RhinoMac plugin, BullAnt.

Ah, in that case, it’s probably easier to just use one of the scripting components from within Grasshopper :wink:

I’m neither strong in Grasshopper or scripts. Tried to install BullAnt but after restarting Rhino I still can’t find the command.

Type gg

I have never used it, so you may have to search for information. It just came up on a search in Rhino commands and I remember it because it is one of the few plugins for MacRhino.

you could maybe try paneling tools which is in the WIP.

the command ptGridSurfaceDomainVariable has a random option…

Havn’t used WIP. Separate plugin also?

no, it’s a separate application.
it’s the Rhino for Mac work in progress build that developers/beta testers try out certain features prior to them being included in the official build…
for instance, Grasshopper is only accessible through the WIP and isn’t yet included in the official version.

Thank you. Tried it now, I need several hundred points with approximately 20mm in between them. The random pattern creates points with way too much distance difference between them unfortunately.

Maybe this might help?