STL to something editable"

Can WIP7 with its new features convert something like a Thingiverse .STL into an editable file, or do I need to rebuild the object. If so, suggestions a on a workflow for accuracy?

Hi @CalypsoArt
Depending on the resolution of the stl there’s at least two ways to go. One is converting the stl to sub-d using tosubd and on the nurbs with tonurbs. This will give you a 1:1 conversion, and if the stl is hi-res, it’ll probably be a bad idea, resulting in a very complex piece of geometry. The other road to take is using the new quad remesher to make a simplified (and all-quad) mesh to use as the basis for further refinement. First convert your newly made quad-mesh to sub-d and the to nurbs. If it’s a very detailed stl some details will probably get lost, but can be brought back either as sub-d’s or nurbs.
HTH, Jakob

Thanks. Tried all the options. Fixing or cleanup of the output will be as much work as re-modeling using the STL as a reference. With the remodel I can be sure of everything.