STL file name issues in Rhino 7

If you open a stl cad file in rhino called “examplesize6.25.stl” in Rhino. And then you click the SAVE bottom , The text in the FILE NAME will read “example6”
Why does the “.25” from the name get cut off and is there a way to avoid this from getting cutoff.

Also if you are in the SAVE screen and have .3dm and the file type and you type “examplesize6.25.stl” but then if you change the file type to .stl , the text changes to “example6”

How can i fix this

Hi Roger - presumably the dot indicating a file extension is messing it up when offering the default name - it strips anytghing after a “.” as being a file extension.


Is there any fixes to the issue?
We notices it’s only with stl and not 3dm

Hi Roger - it looks like Save does this when non-3dm files are opened and Save must ask for a name. With 3dm files, of course Save does not ask any questions.


Can you try it on Rhino 5 . I was told this issue does not happen in Rhino 5

Hi Roger - it could be - I am putting it on the bug pile for the developer to have a look.

RH-73209 Save: truncate the name at the last dot


Just to get a better understanding of the timeframe. Do issues like this get looked and resolved quickly? For example weeks, months, etc.

Just so I can let my team member what to expect

Hi Rioger - it is very hard to say - in V7, we are pretty much wrapping up development so it is less lilely to make it to a service release. If it can be tuned up - which seems very possible, but I can’t promise 'cause I don’t really know - it would liklely be in V8.


I appreciate your reply. Thank you