Default export file type to STL?

Rhino allows you to export to a bazillion different file types.

The reality is that 99.9999999999999% of the time I’m going to export to STL.

Can I set that as a default somewhere? The incredibly long list of file types requires me to use the mouse, the drop-down arrow, then scroll down until I get to STL. It’s a nuisance.

Plus, after beating my head against my desk for several hours learning this awesome product (no sarcasm intended, it’s a great product and sometimes I feel mentally worn out from trying to figure out how to do something), I may forget to change the file type the first time I export. The default is 3DM which means if I use the same file name prefix, I just created a 3DM file with an STL file extension. Very confusing!

There is no tool is the default U/I for that, but it could probably be handled easily with a command macro, assigned to a toolbar button.