Stl file missing info

Hi I created this file using grasshopper and rhino and then exported as an stl for 3d printing, however when I open it in Cura and slice it the geometry has been simplified and the top section is missing.
Any ideas why this is happening?scaled part a mesh .stl (47.9 KB)

boolean joins meshplus test.3dm (244.8 KB)
original rhino file

I don’t know what mesh settings you used for exporting your original object, but the mesh is lacking all the detail… Below is my .stl export - does that work any better?

stl-export-msh.stl (21.7 KB)

Oh, and maybe you need a solid? Both ends of the original object are open. You won’t be able to print it that way unless your printer program can automatically add thickness. Otherwise you will need to close or shell the object before exporting as .stl.

Last edit:
You maybe even need a finer .stl with these types of warped surfaces - here is one with about 45K polygons. I OffsetSrf your object 2mm to the inside to shell it, then exported as .stl with some custom settings.

stl-export-msh.stl (3.7 MB)


thank you, that managed to export the detail but the top section is still missing when I slice it in Cura.
I’m printing with clay to the nozzle dictates the wall thickness so it doesn’t need to be a solid.

Are those the settings you used to export the original stl you uploaded? I hadn’t realised there were more detailed settings for exporting

Nevermind, printing as a solid gave it added thickness (which I was trying to figure out anyways) but it’s added the top section now. Thank you