Stl export simple controls vs. Mesh simple controls

Is there a reason why these two should be different?



I understand the numerical value is there in the simple .stl options because it is a reasonable gauge of what the export facet quality will be like if you’re not a meshing expert. The fewer-more polygon slider in the simple mesh dialog doesn’t really give that kind of assurance.

I’m throwing this out here because often we suggest that people mesh their objects in Rhino before exporting as .stl for 3D printing. The difference in the two dialogs when demoing this is disconcerting and hard to explain.

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I make it simple for my students. run the mesh command, use the advanced options and set the initial quads, the max edge length and the tolerance.


Yeah, that’s fine, but still doesn’t address the original question, which is one of UI…

agreed… I personally believe all the mesh commands should point back to one single ui element.

I also vote for this one.

Rodolfo Santos

Hi Mitch - the stl controls show the ‘Maximum distance edge to surface’ number which is of course a key one for RP. The idea is to present the user with a number that they can directly correlate to the printer resolution without needing to know any more about the detailed controls. In other contexts, using that number is likely to be misleading, hence the slider…


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