STL deformation


I’m having problems to export a model to STL. The final STL file is deforming my model, some triangulations.

Can someone help me?



Looks like the settings for meshing are too course.
Can you upload the orignal file.
Can you describe how you export and what settings you use at export? Note that there are settings for distances that should match what you expect from your model. What units is your file in?


EDIT looking at the models in the images it could be the slots are ‘uncreased’ surfaces. Meaning they are a single surface yet there is a sudden change of curvature where the surface turns around.
Try the command :
DivideAlongCreases with the options ( SplitAtTangents=Yes SplitAtKinks=Yes ) .

Did you set a local CPlane? I the image, your pieces look to be near the CPlane origin, but if that is very far from the world origin, it is another reason why your STL’s might be distorted.

Hi Willem!

The command worked!!! Thank you so much!!!

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