Stern Hull Design Guidance

Hi all,

I am a mechanical engineer trying to involve in ship hull design. As you will see in the below attached photos, I am facing problem at stern part (more specifically at the surfaces). Thus, Flat of side (FOS), flat of bottom (FOB) and bow are designed with _loft command, stern surfaces are designed with _NetworkSrf. The problem is that the tangencies between FWD surface and AFT surface does not coincide. Is a best practice/guideline for this hull specific area?
Last but not least: I am working with the sections only and some “waterlines” as guide lines for the AFT surface. Furthermore, the Record History is ON during the _Loft / _NetworkSrf command.

thank you.

This series is GOLD and you should watch them all.

he will convince you to never use network surface ever again.

Hi Theo - if you can post the file, please do thsat, or send to with a link back here in your comments.