Stereoscopic 3D - How?


For many years I have longed to view Rhino models and point clouds in stereoscopic 3D for true depth perception, but no love. Nvidia discontinued their shutter glasses, and VR headsets (which I’ve never used before) don’t seem to be ready for prime time in a CAD environment except to look around and explore… not to draw.

I learned recently that a new-ish laptop is available called the Asus ProArt Studio which boasts a no-glasses 3D screen that tracks your eyes, and I understand it’s quite good. However I have no way of knowing if Rhino could display a stereoscopic image on it. I’m aware of the red/blue anaglyph Rhino display but was hoping a better option (in 2023?) was available by now.

What method, if any, currently exists to see a 3D model in actual 3D? I would be grateful for any feedback. Thank you kindly.



Have a look here.

Not sure about the eye-tracking thing, but for the no-glasses 3D screen you probably want to try Stereo3DView plugin.

… please post results if you have any!

This is interesting but needed hardware is not common…

Thank you, Riccardo.

I appreciate the link. I can see there is a good bit to learn, test and experiment on the subject. I would have thought stereo 3D and Rhino would be natural partners by now with turnkey systems available. The future sure is a weird critter.

I will digest this information and report back with results, though it could be a while. It may be hard to test things without buying them first, only to learn later I should have bought this “other thing” instead… kind of a ‘Catch 22.’ Was hoping others have gone down this path and reported their results and what hardware worked best, where to get it, etc. Perhaps others whom have had success with this will chime in here before too much money is spent on faith and wishing.

Much obliged for the info, Riccardo. Cheers.


Hi @Brian_Jackson1
If you are looking to do actual work/modeling in 3D, I’ve only come across Mindesk, but the price alone is enough for me to stay clear (1.999$ pr. year for the version that does editing and pointclouds)… and then you need the hardware and VR glasses on top of that. We’ve been using Simlab’s free plugin a few times (with tethered Quest 2 glasses), which is great for “just” viewing/moving around.

Hi Jacob.

I’d forgotten about MindDesk. Found their site sometime back while searching for VR in Rhino. Think they were still in early development at the time. Thanks for the link. This may be the way to go (despite the cost) as most of the VR options I’ve learned of are just the “walking around looking” kind, which seems a little pointless for a designer. Being able to better understand point clouds (via depth perception) while modeling on them would be huge. I imagine that has been a dream for many folks here.

Thanks again. Just hoping this isn’t a rabbit hole of chasing half-working solutions.