Oculus RIft (3D viewing)

Please tell me someone is working on integrating this with rhino. Pleeeeeeeease. :smile:



A lollipop with every set…



I wonder if the stereo view stuff in display mode settings that @jeff works on could be used here. Viewing an animation and working in 3D may be vastly different experiences though.

or like this one

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We signed up for their developer beta program (at their request) and was accepted (months ago)… They said they would be sending me hardware and development tools…but never did, and I completely forgot about them until recently when Dan mentioned them in one of our meetings…

I don’t know what happened or who dropped the ball on this (maybe I did), but nothing became of this because I did not receive anything from them.

I’m pretty sure that none of the 3D Stereo settings in Rhino will work with this technology… It will require specific integration into Rhino, complete with its own setting and/or group of settings.

So no, nobody is looking into this or workong on getting this working in Rhino. If Oculus wants their hardware to work in Rhino, then they need to make the next move…they have my contact info (or did :))


Cool… glad there’s interest at least. :slight_smile: I’ll knock on their door about it. I’m just imagining really being immersed, walking around a sculpture design… getting a real feel for it in a way I cannot on just the computer screen.

That makes one wonder when the appreciation of the physical model will be surpassed by the experience of the virtual one.


That’d sure save me some time in the shop. :wink:

@jeff: I spoke with Joe Chen (their lead on non-gaming applications at Oculus) and he said he’d be reaching out to you. (happy dance)

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Yep, kits will arrive to me some time next week… Thanks for the nudge! :smile:



You’ll look smashing in that outfit!


Wooohooo! Awesome. Hope it works out, I’ll be first in line to get one.

Can you make an iphone app that does the same thing? I can put together a print-your-own holder for it :slight_smile: Just need to add a few lenses and off we go! (not kidding)

Well for myself, I’d want to use it to simply virtually ‘sit’ in front of a much bigger monitor in an office with a view.

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At the current resolutions, I’m not sure how well this works out… the consumer version is said to have 1920×1080 (it’s lower on the developer version), but that’s split between two eyes, so the effective rez is 960x1080, lower than most large monitors these days. That said, if you’re only looking at a small chunk of the screen and you see more screen as you swivel your head, there would be much more simulated resolution. This brings to mind all sorts of questions about how this works in rhino. I think it’s be less of a modeling environment and more of a “see how it’s looking in the real world” evaluation mode, but who know what @jeff will come up with. There’s lots of tricky stuff to figure out about how this all interfaces.

That said, it would be pretty cool if someone made an app for more 2D uses that essentially made the view a massive monitor that continued left, right, up, and down as you swiveled your head, essentially making a monitor as big as a wall, or practically infinite…

I’m really interested in this, what is the hardware requirement for this device? I hope I can run it on my laptop?
Would we move the camera (i.e ourselves) like pans and zooms with the mouse cursor and turning the head would make the camera rotate from side to side and up and down?

From: http://www.oculusvr.com/faq/ “The computer must have an HDMI or DVI video-out port. Note that VGA is unsupported at this time. Other than that, there are no minimum specifications, though the more powerful the computer, the better the experience will be. Any standard gaming computer should be sufficient to use the Oculus Rift.”

I personally imagine that you’d move through space with keyboard/mouse, but the view would follow head movements.

I got to play with one at the Imagination Technologies (Caustic/Neon peeps) booth. They had me there to talk to reporters about the caustic card and represent it’s use with Rhino/Neon. They asked me to hang around later to do one extra interview, so I said “only if I get to try your Oculus out”. The developer version is a bit low-rez, but I see the potential (the finished product is to be twice the rez). I really want one to work with rhino now!

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I really want to use Rhino with the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion, seems to be an ideal way to get into the model and interact with it. Our Oculus Rift developer kit arrived a few days back, and it is an amazing experience, you become immersed very quickly, but when you reach out with your hands and they don’t appear it is disconcerting.


Ah, David, allways a few yards agead of me… (read: years :wink:
I can’t wait to see how this unfolds!

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