Steps to transforming an unusual closed curve into a circle

Wondering how to transform an irregular closed curve to a circle using the command line. one easy way would be to draw a square, reduce the points to six, and fit to the square, but I’m wondering if there’s a more automatic way without any drawing where you could batch process a bunch of irregular closed curves this way.

This would also get me there, though transforming the curve seems to offer more possibilities

You can use a regular rectangular bounding box and get the center of that, then draw the circle with a diameter equal to the average of the horizontal and vertical sides.

If you want to be more sophisticated and keep the enclosed area exactly the same, get the irregular curve’s centroid and area, then calculate the circle radius from the area, then make the circle at the centroid point.

Thanks Mitch!

Another approach would to obtain points on the input curve, then use the Circle command with FitPoints option.

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