Stepping Out Voronoi Pyramids Randomly

Hi. I am new to Grasshopper. But enjoying very much.

I have the Voronoi Pyramids that I want but would like to step out the repeat rectangle and get random periods for every step. I think the problem is the populate geometry command that seems to place the same point network which builds the pyramids for every rectangle. I have tried a few things to reseed the random point generation but nothing is working for me. Any ideas.

in order to have help it is better to post a a script.
If rectangle are in a List/DataTree, you must provide a different seed to the populate component with the same List/DataTree.

Thank you Laurent. This is my script file.voronoi fifth (13.6 KB)

In order to have different Voronoi you must provide a different seed for each geometry, here I count the number of geometry, then the random generator is asked to output the number of geometry random integers

Thank you Laurent. It still needs some work but it basically doing what I want it to do. I truly appreciate your help today. With regards, Karl