Step Solver

Here there is a scheme I made. Unfortunately I cannot share more. Maybe you can see where I’m making


Here there is the video

Sorry, I can’t help you under these circumstances.


model.3dm (129.3 KB)
STEP VIDEO 2 (25.3 KB)

@martinsiegrist that is what I arranged, is it ok for you? Unfortunately I cannot share the real model

I’m not sure to understand the movements that you want to do… Is it something like this?

Could you describe it a little bit more?

Hi @AntonioStrain87

This makes it clear that what you are trying to do is not something that needs Kangaroo at all, as it is a basic composition of translations and rotations.

Just rotate the top part along with the boom then move it down.

@martinsiegrist has generously spent his time trying to help you, and it’s a bit frustrating that you didn’t share a file sooner to avoid wasting other users’ time in a direction that isn’t relevant to this.

We understand that it’s not always possible to share your actual model for commercial reasons. Creating an abstracted version to show your aim simply without the part you can’t share might be an extra step for you, but when you are asking others for help it shows respect for their time.


Precisely. Basically I’m making an animation of a machinery made by the company where I’m doing an internship. I’m working now on the crane. So when the crane rotates the beam which is connected to the crane moves as well but because of the gravity the result is just a tranlation on the xz plane. BTW I posted the files, a fake model and the Grasshopper file. geometries are already linked so you can check. The point is that if I animate one movement at the time it works but I’m trying to use a step solver to animate the 3 of them togheter.
is it clear enough?

I’m sorry @DanielPiker if @martinsiegrist got frustrated for this. I don’t think I’ve been unpolited or something. Simply I would share every file in my pc if I could but I cannot. I apologize but I still don’t know for what!!

I’m just a Grasshopper beginner and I’m trying to learn by myself watching tutorials. I will check what other users has suggested!!


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Hi @AntonioStrain87

Sorry if I was a bit harsh - it was me getting frustrated.
I realise you weren’t being intentionally misleading.

Is this what you are after? (17.1 KB)

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Does it look like something that you can reuse? (17.2 KB)

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forgot to internalise (31.4 KB)

oh and if you want to create a vidéo out of the frames generate thanks to the “animation” don’t hesitate to use the plug-in developed by @antoinemaesantoine

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Thank you @DanielPiker and @Van_den_Bremt,

I will try now to apply your tips and I will come with a feedback but it will take a while because as I said I’m just a beginner and I am slower than what you are.

I appriciated your help!

@DanielPiker , @Van_den_Bremt thanks!!
Both methods work. I will study what you did to improve!

Hi @DanielPiker, @Van_den_Bremt, @martinsiegrist,
I tried to apply both method you showed me but they don’t work as I want (I guess because the semplified model I sent you wasn’t that accurate) so I tried by myself, using new tool I discovered looking what you did. I almost achieved the result I want but there is still 2 problems: a little translation of the crane on z axis and the rotation of the upper beam package.

Would you be that nice to check it?
p.s I will post below (because I need to post it from my mobile) the draft of what my idea has been.

Thank you in advance,
Antonioderrick ultimo (40.4 KB)
model.3dm (420.3 KB)

Here you cans the draft with the idea I applied

ok I fixed the problem of the crande displacement along the z axis. I also understood what is generating the last issue. If you check the GHOP file and the RHINO model I previously posted you will see. I create a vector which moves all the elements of the upper beam package. I can get 2 wron results at the moment and the problem is that that vector should flow along the circonference generated by the crane (like if the crane is a compass). Do you have a solution?

Cheers, Antonio