Animation kangaroo2



I’m a Grasshopper beginner.
I modeled a machine that is made by the company where I work. My task now is to learn Grasshopper and make the animations of the movements. if I lunch the animations one by one all ot them works but then I cannot have the result I want. I followd many tutorials where I get the thing that I must use kangaroo2. More specificly I know that I need to use a merge component, the “step solver” component togheter with a timer that now if I am correct is called trigger. The point is that I didn’t get how the trigger works and also how to schedule all actions. May you have a tip?

Hi @AntonioStrain87

To make an animation from a Kangaroo definition, you are right that the usual way is to use the StepSolver component.

I recommend building your simulation first using the standard Solver component for testing, then when you are happy with its behaviour and want to render the result, connect the inputs into a StepSolver component (and disable the original solver).
Then you can connect a slider to the ‘Animate’ input of StepSolver and right click that slider to bring up the Grasshopper animation recorder window.

ok Thank you Daniel, I will try the method you suggested!