STEP export to Radan problems

Long standing issues with exporting .STEP files to my fabricator, who uses Radan for sheet metal.

Holes are not recognised, and corner fillets read as facets.

Exporting .SAT seems to work OK, and saving the STEP through Inventor or Solidworks seems to resolve the issues - not an ideal option of course.

Fabricator is speaking to Radan developers, is this something McNeel could shed insight on?

I ran into this a while back on Trumpf software as well. As far as we could tell at the time, there was nothing wrong with the files coming out of Rhino, but rather something wrong on the CAM side when reading the files. It would facet every curve, even simple single radius holes.
We would import those same files back into Rhino and they’d be perfectly clean. Open them in SW and they are clean.

I’d have your Radan shop go through all import settings with a fine toothed comb.

Thanks for that, reassuring to know I’m not starting to lose it!

Had suspected so.