STEP Export Failing to Write Block Hierarchy

For some reason the attached file, when saved as a STEP file, appears to lose its hierarchy of nested blocks. I am trying to get this into inventor, and instead of the different blocks in the file being different parts, they are just solids which is incorrect. Could anyone provide some insight on why this is happening?

Block Fail.3dm (19.5 MB)

edit: typo

Could this be one of the issues?

Hmm, Im not sure how I would check for this? Interesting possibility.

Edit: ran the script that checks if any are mirrored, none of them are.

Hello - I see this… I’ll investigate. Thanks.

@dks5254 - I see it in your file, but I cannot reproduce it from scratch - is this usual for you, to see this flattening via Step?
It looks like there is scaling applied to the blocks - that cannot be written to STEP.


This is not usual to see this “flattening” as you call it. The only transformations I ever made to the blocks were changes in orientation not scaling so I don’t see how that could have happened.

As you can see this file consists of individual frames that each contain blocks for each member. These frames started as individual files, and when exporting from these individual files I had no problems with this flattening. It was only once these frames were inserted as blocks and then transformed in space using a script that changed their orientation and position that it started flattening.

Do you see any potential fixes? Is this a uniform scaling because of the change in units?

Hello - I don’t know… can you send me the script you’re using? What is the units change, are you inserting inch files into an mm file or something like that? (I tried this and export was not flattened).