Start Rhino without plugins

When I report some performance issues or bugs I am often asked to turn off the plugins and test stuff without them. Unfortunately, sometimes reporting and describing the issue is time-consuming, and in addition, going through this plugin off-on process is too much (if I want to stick to actual work).

  1. Notice problem - test it - turn off the list of plugins - close Rhino
  2. Restart Rhino - test without plugins - turn on the list of plugins - close Rhino
  3. Start Rhino again and get back to work

I can’t use Safe Mode because it doesn’t have the same Display Modes.

  • Is there a way to start a new Rhino instance without selected plugins? Such like with some programs I can add text to the shortcut icon and start the program in the selected language.

  • If it is not possible - it’s my wish. It will make reporting problems a bit easier.

Hi Jakub - I hear you… and I do not know of a way to do this now.