Two Rhino 6 installation in One Computer

Is it possible to install two copies of Rhino 6 on one computer? in order to install different plugins and setup in each?

Such as: if I wanted one installation to have Vray 3.4 & bongo 2 and the other installation to have Vray 4 only.

Sorry, no. Windows does not allow that as a solution.

You should be able to accomplish this with two different Desktop shortcuts that direct Rhino to start with different “scheme” names:

You will not be able to rely on Windows file association to start Rhino by double clicking a 3dm file name in the file Explorer.
You’ll need to use the Desktop Shortcuts to get the desired starting scheme.

Schemes cannot load/unload plugins. Plugins are unfortunately global for all instances of Rhino, they’re either loaded or not.

Thanks for the clarification Mitch!

The only other option I can think of is to disable all of those plug-ins, and check the option box to be asked to load them.
Then you’ll have the option to load them or not for your different preferred configurations, but be forced to answer several Yes/No questions every time you launch Rhino.

I see, thank you for the help!

There’s one other way. This is what I do:

I have the plug-ins installed but disabled in Options > Plug-ins
I normally do not load them.

When I do need one, I go in to Plug-ins, Enable it, then right-click on it and choose Load.
This gets a little complicated with multiple plug-ins need to be loaded for one tool, but it works.

The down-side is I have to remember to disable them again and reboot.
Since I shut down my computer every night, it’s not too much bother.

Maybe you can use 2 different user accounts and switch between them.

You may be able to do this by setting up a virtual machine, providing your pc has the oomph. Run one Rhino configuration on the native desktop and the second on the virtual machine. If you are running Windows 10 then the vm capability is built in (look up hyper-v).

I haven’t done this so I can’t say whether Rhino, Vray and plugin will play nicely.

The licence server will probably see this as two machines and ask you to confirm each time you swap, so having both copies open simultaneously will not be possible.


unless, of course, you have two licenses?

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