Start Rhino Inside Revit in Revit app without using PostableCommand

We are using RiR in our Revit apps and have to start RiR before we can make calls to RiR or RhinoCommon assemblies. The only way we can achieve this is by using the Revit API PostableCommand to launch RiR but this is undesirable since:

  1. PostableCommand is asynchronous so we have to terminate our external command to allow the postable command to execute - i.e. we cant run our app and lunch RiR while its still running.
  2. Subsequently the user is forced to click our app button in the Revit ribbon twice. Once to see a message asking if they want to start RiR and a second time to run our app once RiR is running in the background.

Its very unnatural - I understand however that in RiR v1.0 it is possible to launch via RiR APIs? Is this true and how is it done as there is nothing immediately obvious from what I’ve seen in the assemblies were referencing?

Hi @thomas7,

I enabled Rhino.Inside.Revit Assembly resolver for RhinoCommon even RiR is not started.

Now you should be able to call RhinoCommon from your AddIn even the user has not started RiR from the UI.

First call to RhinoCommon from your AddIn will load Rhino, grab a license and enable RhinoCommon to be called.

To test this change your should change your update channel to “Daily”.

Feel free to add any comment or even close the GitHub issue it if it works.

Hi @kike great - we’ll being testing it and update the issue on our findings.