Stair Clearance

I’m using VA through GH without external referenced objects.
With this technique I’ve been able to punch holes in slabs once they are at their level,
My problem comes when trying to clear stairs. The stair component outputs a tree and the slab gives a list, and both seem either to just cross properly once or to cross NxN times from which N times are the only correct ones.

STAIR (13.7 KB)

Hey arquitextonica,
I think this could be solved with flatten component and match slabs with stairs using shift component. But there is one think I dont understand, why clearance isnt computed for the second pair composed of slab and stair. Bug or maybe I missed something…? @fsalla

STAIR (14.2 KB)

Hi all,
We will review this issue and get back to this thread.
(The component seems to work with 1 stair only but not with a list of stairs)

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Hi, we have fixed this error in the VisualARQ 1.9.5 version that you can already download from the website.
Take into account that unlike in GH, in Rhino the vaSlabStairClearance command only works when the stair top landing is in the same height as the slab top surface.