Stadium Seating (Bowl Builder)

Hello , I am finding difficult in seats output , the seats generated are not in perfect row!

stadium (44.6 KB)

I want it to be like this!!! This was generated in toro plugin!

tutorial (182.8 KB)

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I am not really sure exactly where the specific problem area you are pointing out in the definition.

Also, getting a perfect seat layout around the bowl me not be the best approach. Many times the tunnels and access points are placed then seating in respect to that. The tunnels and aisle really change how seats can be layed out.

I do notice in the Toro example the seats are always rotating. Even in the just off the middle of the field, the seats start a small rotation. It isn’t a problem where there is a straight line, then a radius in the corners. Is it possible to get the seats to rotate just slightly before getting to the corner. It also begs the question if this is a G1 condition (straight line to arc) or a G2 condition, (curvature continuity) for the seat layout rotation curves.

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this was generated in toro plugin , so i cannot merge it with the bowl builder plugin!

Oh, excuse me, I didn’t realize the older thread was also yours. Why use plugins at all?

And yeah, as @scottd says, what about the access tunnels and aisles?

And in the real world, maybe seats are built in straight sections so incremental rotation isn’t possible?

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