Stack Layout/View Tabs FEATURE REQUEST

A really helpful feature I would love to see added to Rhino 8 would be the ability to stack rows of layout and view tabs at the bottom of the page. This is helpful when creating a large drawing set or multiple drawing sets within one .3dm file and when you have a lot of named views. I attached a screenshot. You could organize it by level just by clicking and dragging a tab above or below another tab. I attached a screenshot.

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Hi Brady - would it be enough to have that organization work from the panel and not as tabs? Being able to organize drawings into groups, e.g RH-49935 Layout organization tools


The tabs are what make the workflow fast. I wouldn’t be upset if the layout panel included more organization capability but the tabs are where its at. Its just much faster and always right there for you to mess with. When preparing a drawing set you are constantly jumping between the layout(s) you are working on and your model space views.

Honestly I almost never use the layout panel, I don’t find it to have much use other than just reordering layouts (which is handy) but it takes up to much real estate to leave open all the time. I much prefer the tabs at the bottom.

Hi Brady - you may have found this, bu just in case… double-click on a layout in the panel restores it…


Yes, I did know that, it is helpful. But again its to much real estate to leave the layouts panel up because your also messing with object properties, clipping plane manager, saved views etc etc.

The tabs on the bottom are so close to doing everything the layout panel should do but without having to have a layout panel open.

When I have the layouts panel open I usually use it like this (see screenshot) and it definitely helps with navigating between layouts and model space for really large drawing sets. But again, why not just do it all with the tabs at the bottom

Hi Brady- thanks - I just wanted to be sure that the problem is not solved, or on the way to being solved, in some other way - I understand now why you prefer the tabs. I do not know what the prospects are but I’ll add this to the pile.
RH-70179 Viewport layout tabs: stack rows of tabs


Thanks Pascal, appreciated.

Any news on this? Working on a large project and would love to name my Layout tabs using descriptive words such as “Basement”, “First floor”, “Section”, “Kitchen” . . . but they take too much space so I’m using “P1”, “P2”, etc. to see all of them together in order to navigate.

Stacking would solve it.

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Hi -

This is not something that is being worked on.

If you are running Rhino 8, have you tried the auto-hide sidebars? You can add the Layouts panel to one of these and only have it appear when you need it.