Srf match challenge unsolved

@oliver.jans Thanks for the reply. I’m familar with modeling boat hulls and use Rhino. I use Orca3D for hydrostatics and stability and other purposes but not for hull modeling.

@davidcockey good to know. Orca is very expensive but yet powerful tool for any naval architecture. can you model ships w/bulbous bow in Orca 3D? I have watched some tutorials provided by their web site and they show a hard-chine motor yacht MY but almost no *bulbed hulls, sort to say. Can you model for example large displacement yacht hulls using Orca 3D? do they provide library hulls?



@Rhino_Bulgaria and @vikthor please check out this file V6 model 3dm of the Rolls Royce surface and curve Theoreticals.

abcTheoreticals.3dm (1.5 MB)

Is this example provided a good starting point? @Rhino_Bulgaria, do these surfaces approach the RR '60s canvases accurately?

Notice that these theoreticals are very well combed and also project sleek zebras…
What next step should I take?

Not sure how accurately these surfaces represent the real car’s body, but if you find them good enough your next step is to use some of the surfaces to split the others. Then, you may need to draw some curves from side, top, front and back viewport, in order to use them as cutting objects to split the surfaces according to their target shape. Then, use “Blend surface” or other tools to fill the gaps. :slight_smile:

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Orca 3D has a “Hull Assistant” for ship hulls including bulbs. Hull Assistants are included with Orca for developable hulls, planing hulls, RIBs, sailboats and ships. The hull assistants are parametric and create a hull surface based on the user specified parameter values. Each hull assistant uses parameters specific to the particular type of hull. The Hull Assistant for ships has 45 parameters.

“Very expensive” depends on what a price is compared to. The basic version of Orca3D which includes the hull design and hydrostatics/intact stability modules is $1390 for a perpetual license. That may be expensive compared to DELFTShip but I believe it is considerably less than MaxSurf. I tried to find a price for MaxSurf but could only find “contact us for price” which usually means not inexpensive.

Added: Perception of how expensive software is can also depend on the context of it’s use. Buying software to create virtual models as a hobby can be different than buying software to use in a project which has a total cost many times the cost of the software.

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@davidcockey Good point!