Cannot connect surfaces T_T

I cannot connect the yellow surfaces, the right one has to be stretched and rotated in a slope on the floating one.
How to do that? MatchSrf does not work.

20161027 plans mostar interchange 02.3dm (839.9 KB)

Hi Floris - try:

  1. Make a SrfPt (Surface menu > Corner points). Snap to the end points of the existing flat surface. The result is an untrimmed surface. Make sure ‘Preserve isocurve direction’ is set.

  2. MatchSrf to the floating surface for tangency.

MatchSrf.3dm (73.0 KB)

For an arternative case where the lower shape is not a simple four-sided one, make oversized planes, MatchSrf and then trim these to the shapes you like.

MatchSrf_2.3dm (121.3 KB)


:astonished: [breathing-in] o my god o my god [said like a lady on heels] unbelievable fantastic
Thanks mate for helping me out!

One last question. How you make the surface like a ~, mine is like this

Ho Floris - it looks like Rhino for Mac is missing some controls on MatchSrf - I’ll look into that. Try this: ChangeDegree to 3 by 3 before the match.


I also have a Windows, so no problem for me. I found out how it works, but do not yet understand how the trim works. You click on trim, then you click on the plan and then you click on the object underneath (the road)?

Do I have to click also ExtendLine or Apparentintersection?
When I search under ‘trim rhino’, I do not find much tutorial videos about it…

Hi Floris - trim from Top - select the curves as the cutters and then click on the part of the surfaces to remove. The ExtendLine and ApparentIntersections apply to trimming of curves only - see Help.