Another frustrated blend Srf

Hello Everyone, I tried to blend this surface, but I can`t make it work.

I know that I`m not following the correct workflow, so It will be helpful if anyone can help me to solve this.

What I need to solve is continuity C2 on edges BCD and in A could be position or tangent continuity.

I tried creating a Sweep 2 and then matching srf no results.
I tried to blend C and A and then matching srf no results
Network Srf works but is not what I need.

In each case, Zebra and _emap shows some weird edges or reflections.

Thanks in advance!


Surface blend test.stp (45.0 KB)

When ever possible avoid creating blends with trimmed surfaces.

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Awesome @Stratosfear, if it is not too much to ask, could you please explain to me how to achieve that blend?
Also, what you meant with trimmed surfaces?

When you turn on control points for the B and D surfaces. You can see they’ve been trimmed/Cut.

@Stratosfear, haha, I guess great minds think alike. I was just about to post this, exactly the same solution. :grinning: Have a nice weekend.

Surface blend.stp (59.6 KB)