Square Surface with Multiple Curves


I am having some difficulties making a surface from perpendicular curves that have variations between them, as well as a central curve running diagonally through the square.

I have tried lofting the parallel curves and an attempt to merge them together. I have tried network surfacing all the curves and that did not work either.

the closest I have come is networking surfacing the halves separately, unfortunately, it leaves this butt like shape in the center where I would prefer to have it as one single curve.

Attached are some screenshots and a download link to the Rhino file.
Screenshot 1 is showing the butt like shape that I am trying to avoid, and Screenshot 2 is showing the curves without the surface.

Any help will be appreciated, thank-you!

Link to file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GCQdzTcO6LTFi3WG4slqxqMjYIQA5-1t/view?usp=sharing

Hello- try Patch, with a fairly high span count - maybe 30 or more, all the curves as inputs. If it comes out oversized, which it might with those curves, Trim from Top with the outer ‘square’.