Spurious V8 GH "You have unsaved documents." message

I saved the current Grasshopper definition and closed Grasshopper. Then I closed the Rhino instance. I get this message:

But I just saved it… :exploding_head:

Can you post the file? a quick test here did not do that (8.7.24089.22001) thanks

sometimes if you move a component or do make some changes by mistake, you get that unsaved flag

Sure. First the screenshots:

Before saving the GH file - notice the asterisk next to the file name…

After hitting the save button - notice the asterisk is gone…

Now close GH (no message) and then Rhino.

GH file
TestS1.gh (11.7 KB)

Rhino file that goes with it
RC-Sweep1.3dm (2.7 MB)

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I was able to repeat, looks like the referenced object components are the culprit. RH-81306