Spotlights not showing up

I cannot seem to get lights to show up in raytraced mode / final renders, but they do show up in “rendered viewport” mode. In this example, I turned the HDRI skylights way down to see if it was masking them, but that does not appear to have helped. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

“rendered” display mode:

“raytraced” display mode (same with actually rendering it):

I even tried checking the option to use lights in layers that are off and removing the HDRI, but I haven’t found a way to get them show up yet. Cranking up their intensity values to over 1000000 did not help either.

Test file attached.
render test - lighting.3dm (489.1 KB)

You’re not doing anything wrong, it is a bug: RH-82279 Spotlight not working properly

The rectangular light however is pointing up, so not contributing any light to the scene, if that is what you were after.