Splitting up imported assembly


I’ve imported a step file and I get these crazy big rings intersecting them.

It looks to have different coloured parts in there but when I try to select one of them it selects everything.

Please could you give some pointers as to how to split up this object so you could work on individual parts?
Thanks for any advice.

Hi Wil- ExplodeBlock should help. Step imports assemblies as a series of nested blocks,


I have that happening once in a while as well. Apart from exploding the block you will likely also have to extract the faulty surfaces from some of the objects. This will probably leave holes in the objects and you will have to repair these somehow. If you get stuck somewhere, just post a 3dm file here.

And I would prefer it if you actually paid for your license to support continued development of a great product…

Good eye Wim! I did not expand the images.