Scaling horizontally curved panels on a surface

Hi there,
I wanted to ask some help, I am trying to figure out how to scale horizontally panels according to a curve in order to create a defined gradient.
I know how to scale them vertically, according to their z, but I am finding hard to find a solution to connect their horizontal dimension also with the distance to the curve.
I also do not understand why after splitting the whole surface and extracting the wires there are some mistake in choosing the correct lines, it looks like that the panels are messy. Is there a quick way to re-orient all the panels in order that I can select safely all the 4 wires simultanaously?
thank you very much!


SCALE PANELS HORIZONTALLY according to (77.2 KB) (38.3 KB)

i just tried a concept model
if any thing might work for you from it its well and good !!

that’s seem very cool, thank you Pulari! ^^