Split tree - no mask --> return full data tree


Maybe bit of a strange question, but I noticed the following:

In case there is No input given for the Split Tree - Mask input.
The split Tree component returns nothing. (error mode).

However, I am looking for is that, in case the Mask input is ‘empty’, → the split tree component returns the entire Tree…

Any suggestions or workarounds?

2023-05-18 Split Tree return complete Tree if no mask is given.gh (4.3 KB)

Many thanks.

One way… You could add a stream filter node, feed in the split to 0 and the original data tree to 1. For the boolean input supply it with a “Null Item” component connected to the mask.

20230518_Split_Tree_No_Mask_Return_Full_Data_Tree_Response_01a.gh (10.3 KB)

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perfect, thanks!

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